Your one-stop shop for all your indoor + outdoor furniture needs.

With so many options in today’s world, anyone can become overwhelmed easily. We are here to take our client’s hand, and provide honest and reliable products and services. This methodology will ensure not only our growth, but the most important thing to us which is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

our story

My name is Janine and I am the Owner/Sales Manager at The Veranda Collection, along with my awesome husband Angel who handles all of our company’s operations. Together, as a team we have worked hard, hand in hand since May of 2013, and have built a solid family business. Today we distribute and represent over 15 curated brands and factories, and we are so proud to be able to provide such a wide variety of products to our wonderful clients.

Our lines consist of indoor and outdoor furnishings for various settings, in both the residential and commercial sector. Each of our lines has been carefully selected and is characterized by furniture built with high quality materials and trend setting designs. Veranda focuses on projects of all sizes, specifically targeting the hospitality industry in South Florida, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Our goal is to offer unique, quality product lines to our customers, while providing the best possible customer service. We want to gain our customer’s trust and create long lasting relationships by being open to collaboration in every aspect. We believe that providing the best possible service will be rewarding to our company in multiple ways and will help our company and our client base grow organically.

our story

Personalized Service

Our service is 100% adapted to each of our customers’ needs and is a one-on-one personalized experience, whether you are simply wanting to furnish your home’s patio or we are working with you on a million-dollar hotel renovation. We will guide you every step of the way and help you make the best decision!

Wide Variety

Variety, there is simply so much of it out there right? There have been very few times when we just don’t have what a customer wants. Our selection includes lines for every style and every budget!

Best Quality

Our curated selection of furniture is composed of lines manufactured with the most durable and fine materials. Most have been in the market for many years and they each stand by their products 100.